We continually strive to ensure that their experience while residing with us is a positive one.

Supporting our young people through their transitional journey into adulthood is very important to us. We continually strive to ensure that their experience while residing with us is a positive one. Our aim is to ensure that each individual has the opportunity to attend school, college, work or other educational provisions.

 At Oasis, we believe that the following primary areas are essential to ensuring and inspiring positive outcomes for young people:

  • Ensure that 24 hours of support to young people is of the highest standard
  • Ensure that young people are at the core of the service 
  • Provide a homely environment which promotes transparency
  • Promote young people’s decision-making skills 
  • Inspire and encourage young people’s involvement in engaging in positive activities
  • Work in partnership with multi-agency teams and commissioners

We consistently seek that each staff member and other professionals work towards objectives in providing a high level of care, support and professional practice throughout all areas of the organisation.

Each young person who resides in our homes will be given a structured plan which will prepare them for the transition into the living independently. Staff will frequently monitor and assess the progress of the individual and seek additional support if and when required. We provide support to each young person to assist them when moving on. 

We take every effort to ensure that every young person’s transition into independent living has a successful outcome. This can only be achieved through regular monitoring and reporting. The level of reporting is dependent on the number of supported hours provided to each individual.

The level of support which we provide are:

  • 5 hours of support per week – Monthly Reporting 
  • 5.25 – 10 hours of support per week – Fortnightly Reporting
  • 11 hours and above of support per week – Weekly Reporting

We have passionate and qualified staff who are able to assist young people in promoting their emotional, physical, financial and resilience, to enable their transition into adulthood after leaving care.