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Every person is an individual with different needs, whom we respect, support and value.

Young People and Care Leavers

Empowering care leavers and young people that are looked after to assist them gain independence is our goal. By teaching vital life skills and providing the necessary housing support, we assist vulnerable young people in learning what it takes to secure housing and obtain employment.

We work with young people and care leavers who for many different reasons may need extra support.

We believe your perfect professional is not only someone with the right experience, but also someone you get along well with, who can understand you and is available at the time and place that suits you.

We provide a range of semi-independent living (SIL) services for young people in and leaving care and unaccompanied asylum-seeking children (UASC). Our SIL services operate on a spot purchase basis enabling us to work with any local authority to provide suitable support and accommodation to a young person aged 16+

These services are flexible to adapt to a young person’s changing support needs and we can offer a range of flexible support packages. Our teams work closely with the young person’s social worker or personal advisor to ensure that we are supporting local authorities with their corporate parenting responsibility.

We provide semi-independent accommodation and support for young people aged 16+ to enable a smooth transition to independence. Our focus is to work with individuals to support them to achieve their outcomes and aspirations by using an outcomes and strength based approach, harnessing the positives from each individual and offering a personalised compassionate environment to encourage and empower young people to grow and develop their independence, resilience and confidence.

We have a desire to provide support to help shape young people’s lives, our goal is to help all young people in our care to learn fundamental life skills enabling them to live on their own when they leave us.

At Oasis Home Services, we have a holistic approach in providing a high standard of support and accommodation for young people aged between 16+ years.

We tailor young people’s support by assessing their needs and their pathway plan expected outcomes. We understand that young people will enter into our care with various additional needs such as:

  • Challenging behaviour
  • ADHD
  • Asperges
  • Mental health concerns
  • Self-harming
  • Mild learning disabilities
  • Child sexual exploitation
  • Drug and alcohol misuse
  • Gang affiliation
  • Criminal behaviour
  • Sexualised behaviour
  • Asylum Seekers 16+
  • Refugee Minors Aged 16+

We provide 24 hours, 365 days a year on-site support each day for young people, every week throughout the year. We provide provisions for planned and emergency placements. Each home is supported by qualified and enthusiastic staff who are able to guide, advise and encourage young people to strive for positive change from the outset.

Supported Living

We are an adult social care provider that will inspire you to build the life you want in your local community. We always see your potential and give you support to build your independence and connect with other people.

We all want to live in a place we call home, with the people and things we love, in communities where people look out for each other, doing things that matter to us.

Oasis Home Services supports adult aged 18+ years old with learning disabilities, autism and mental health needs and those who present with behaviours that may challenge to live the lives that they choose. Our specialist support enables people to live happy and fulfilling lives. Our focus is on supporting people to develop independence and achieve their goals. We work in a person-centred way, carefully matching our support and care to the unique needs, preferences and aspirations of each individual.

Support plans are developed in partnership with each individual and we agree together how we will support them to be as independent as possible. We also listen to the views of their families and the professionals who may be supporting them.

What Is Supported Living?

Supported living services offer care and assistance for those living in rented accommodation or in their own homes. Under a supported living arrangement, personal care and accommodation are provided under separate contractual agreements. Housing is often provided through the local authority or a registered housing association and funded through the individual’s benefits or
earnings. Support is delivered by a care provider, and funded by the local council or in some cases the NHS.

People in supported living may choose to live on their own, with another person or in a shared house where everyone contributes to bills and upkeep. These shared homes are often existing properties that have been specifically converted to provide the right environment for those with particular needs. Each person will generally have their own tenancy agreement detailing their individual rights and responsibilities.

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