Our Team

Our Team

Our multi-disciplinary clinical team (MDT) meets on a monthly basis to review each individual’s care plan. Members of the MDT also take an active role in delivering a combination of one-to-one therapeutic input and group work, depending on the needs of the individual. They are assisted by the care staff who provide rehabilitation and support on a daily basis. This also includes specialists who deliver specific types of therapeutic activities, which range from counselling to arts & crafts, swimming, massage therapy to music sessions.

All of our staff are trained in safety interventions so that we can avoid physical restraint, treating our service users with dignity and respect at all times. Most of all, we aim to employ care staff who are genuinely caring and compassionate people.

Our expectation of our staff is that they consistently demonstrate pro-social modelling. We believe that everything that occurs daily between young people and staff is a potential opportunity to enhance their development. By this we mean the daily events of group living being utilised to meet the complex range of needs of our young people.

We invest heavily in training, development and continued support for our employees and they are expected to undertake mandatory training courses covering areas such as Trauma, Child Sexual Exploitation (Level 1 & 2), STORM – Suicide Prevention, Mental Health & Emergency Life Saving Skills among others.

Oasis Home Services aims to protect the interests of both clients and personnel. Our philosophy is to achieve success through Working in Partnership. We work closely with parents, carers, local authority social care teams, schools, specialist therapeutic resources and all other relevant
professionals in order to deliver the right social care solution for every individual young person. Through effective planning and our experienced staff teams, we offer a consistent and effective approach for the care of young people. Oasis will tailor a planned or emergency social care package to meet the specific needs of each young person.

With our range of service options and high staffing ratios, we provide exceptional care and can offer a range of specialist placement options which can be tailored to meet the needs of each individual placed with us.