We are committed to ensuring that the best outcomes for all young people remain our priority.

At Oasis Home Services, we carefully review, manage all referrals and ensure that our matching consideration is adhered too. This means that all the young person’s wishes and feelings, religious and cultural requirements can be met and there are no risks to other residents residing within the home. 

It is essential that all referrals are sent and received securely, encrypted and is password protected. It is important that when making a referral, that all relevant information such as referral form, risk assessments, social worker assessment report (final and core assessment), pathway plan, report medical and offending history must be included. Upon our placement team receiving all essential paperwork, the referral will be reviewed and evaluated by management and a package of support submitted if considered suitable. 

At Oasis Home Services and as part of all young people’s Care Plan, we encourage the referring social worker/PA to arrange for the young person, where possible to visit the home prior to moving. We believe that each young person’s wishes and feelings are acknowledged and considered. We will take in consideration the logistics for the young person when travelling to work, school, college or family contact prior to the placement commencing. 

Each young person will be guided through our induction during their visit which entails:

  • Introduction to the home manager
  • Tour of the home
  • The home’s guide (including home rules)
  • Information about the local amenities

On completion of their visit, all young people will be given the opportunity to openly express if they would like to accept their accommodation with us. If the placement is accepted, then a decision between the social worker/PA and the home manager will identify the most suitable way of commencing the placement. 

At Oasis Home Services, we have a holistic approach in providing a high standard of support and accommodation for young people aged between 16+ years. 

We tailor young people’s support by assessing their needs and their pathway plan expected outcomes. We understand that young people will enter into our care with various additional needs such as:

  • Challenging behaviour
  • ADHD
  • Asperges
  • Mental health concerns
  • Self-harming 
  • Mild learning disabilities
  • Child sexual exploitation
  • Drug and alcohol misuse
  • Gang affiliation
  • Criminal behaviour
  • Sexualised behaviour

We provide 24 hours, 365 days a year on-site support each day for young people, every week throughout the year. We provide provisions for planned and emergency placements. Each home is supported by qualified and enthusiastic staff who are able to guide, advise and encourage young people to strive for positive change from the outset.