Personal Development


Personal development sessions are integral when improving a vulnerable young person’s complex and challenging behavior. Our approach and some of the areas we explore are listed below. These methods teach young people to manage through therapeutic interventions, positive role-modelling and other resources. What they achieve is consistency and stability, ultimately transpiring in each young person contributing towards a positive and constructive role within society.

  • Personal organisational skills
  • CV writing and careers advice
  • Understanding emotions
  • Being confident and assertive
  • Domestic violence
  • Having a voice (weekly house meetings)
  • Completing a budget planner
  • Opening a bank account
  • Understanding cards (debit/credit/store loyalty, nectar)
  • Getting an Oyster card
  • Tax & national insurance
  • Making your money go further
  • Avoiding debt, budgeting
  • Claiming benefits
  • Student finance (bursary and higher education)
  • Attending the gym and other leisure and sporting activities
  • Shopping for healthy food on a tight budget
  • Attending medical appointments (Doctor/Dentist/Clinics)
  • Activities to promote emotional wellbeing: shared house meals, group trips.
  • Volunteering opportunities (Internal and external)